Implementation of the Integral Management Plan for the Lujan River Basin: FP054

Project Outline

This project seeks to promote measures aimed at reducing and/or preventing river flooding, as well as controlling stream flows and mitigating the impact of floods in the Lujan River Basin, thus increasing resilience to climate change in the basin.

Country(ies) Argentina
National Designated Authority (NDA) Sub-secretariat of Finance of the Ministry of Economy of the Province of Buenos Aires
Accredited Entity (AE) Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF): Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina (Direct/Regional)
Executing Entity (EE) Province of Buenos Aires (Public)
Date of Final FP Submission January 27, 2017
Estimated Project Duration 2017-2022
Target Sector Flood Control
GCF Financing 58.53 million USD (56.96 Senior Loan + 1.57 Grant) Large
  • CAF: 100.0 million USD (Grant)
  • CAF: 64.9 million USD (Senior Loan, including up to 30 million USD from AFD )
  • Province of Buenos Aires: 91.9 million USD (Equity)

Project Description

< Major Project Components>

  1. Enlargement of the river channel and of existing water retention basins.
  2. Retention basin construction and lock gate replacement.
  3. Bridge replacements and enlargements.
  4. Provision of early warning system.
Map: Lujan River Basin project sites
Map: Lujan River Basin project sites
Ref: FP054 Implementation of the Integral Management Plan for the Lujan River Basin

Potential Indicators of Key Impacts

Expected total number of direct and indirect beneficiaries, disaggregated by gender (reduced vulnerability or increased resilience):

  1. Direct beneficiaries: 1,581,408 persons
  2. Indirect beneficiaries: 1,214,240 persons
    16.67% of the provincial population (Buenos Aires) including indirect beneficiaries
  3. Other relevant indicators:
    • Avoided damages to dwellings derived from project implementation. Damages avoided under the most likely flood recurrence scenario (every two years with a probability of 50%) worth USD 52.4 million.
    • Area benefiting from basin management and early warning system: 337,850 ha.
    • Reduction of flood stains by 36% (6,879.12 ha).