Followings are the self-paced e-learning videos for the emerging adaptation issues such as Nature-based Solutions, Compound & Cascading Disaster Risks and instructions of climate projection tools. Start now to learn.



Developing Concept Notes for the GCF Simplified Approval Process

August 2022

This course has been carefully designed to provide guidance on the fundamental components of project development following the principles of learning-by-doing. After completing the course, you will gain the ability to develop a high-quality concept note for the Green Climate Fund’s Simplified Approval Process (GCF SAP), which will help you apply for project preparation funding and advance towards the Funding Proposal stage.

Use of the S8 Downscaler (S8DS), A climate downscaling tool to aid climate adaptation planning

March, 2022

This e-learning course will teach users how to utilize the S8 Downscaler (S8DS), a climate downscaling tool that can assist in planning for climate change adaptation. It is a web application based on a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that performs dynamical downscaling and develops climate projection with simple click and drag functions The S8DS aims to support the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process with various integrated features.