Learn about emerging topics in climate adaptation such as Nature-based Solutions (NbS) from the resources below.

INAS: Inspired by Nature-based Actions and Solutions

October, 2021

“INAS” originates from the Japanese word inasu which means to proactively cope with disasters by making use of the natural environment. Showcasing good practices on NbS, this website is a source of inspiration for how communities can address various societal issues including climate change by being in harmony with nature.

(picture by Luis Patron)

Nature-based Solutions for the local communities

October, 2021

This e-learning course on NbS is designed to help local officers in vulnerable countries learn how to integrate NbS into their policy/financing processes with respect to climate change adaptation, disaster risk management, and other issues.

Building resilience to compound and cascading disaster risks

December, 2021

Climate change will lead to more severe weather-related hazards, so there is now an urgent need to deal with compound and cascading disasters. This e-learning course targets local/national government officers and will help them develop the capacity to implement specific measures to build resilience against such disasters.