Books and reports based on AP-PLAT's capacity development activities are available here to disseminate the outputs of our activities, and to be used for future capacity development initiatives.


“Capacity Development” for climate change adaptation in international cooperation

March, 2022

This book aims to define the “capacities” required for a local government officer in developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, ranging from planning to coordination of funds needed to implement adaptation measures, with the aim of providing a framework for the continuing challenges and cooperation needs. Based on this objective, this book tries to identify the intrinsic value of international cooperation on climate change adaptation and to suggest some of the ways in which capacity development should be strengthened.


Consultation Meeting of AP-PLAT Capacity Development: Meeting Report

March, 2022

This session was organized to show a draft of the publication entitled “Capacity Development” for climate change adaptation in international cooperation and seek feedback from the participants as well as to discuss potential training programs/modules on adaptation for the future AP-PLAT activities through mapping exercises.