Adaptation planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) based on scientific impact assessments are core components of adaptation to climate change. Sustainable adaptation requires these three stages to be revisited periodically. This page provides practical information for countries in all stages of this cyclical process.
Our resources will help you understand the position, role, and significance of adaptation planning. We provide guidance on National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) and others in the UNFCCC process, as well as information on the status of adaptation planning in the Asia-Pacific. We hope this will help you develop and update your adaptation plans.

Adaptation Plan Development Process

Whether you’re looking to update an adaptation plan or are intending to start on one, engaging in the adaptation planning process is important work. Once you identify where your country is located in the process, you will find useful information such as tools and good practices.

NAP Process under the UN Framework

What do nations need to implement under the UNFCCC framework? How does this relate to adaptation planning? Understand why adaptation planning is necessary in the long run to implement the Paris Agreement. Learn about the latest trends in international adaptation negotiations and support systems for NAP formulation under the UN bodies.

Status of adaptation in the Asia-Pacific

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What adaptation plans are being developed in the Asia-Pacific? Learn some of the most distinctive features and best practices, and find the latest information on adaptation plans being carried out by your neighboring countries, or by countries facing similar challenges.

Finance & Implementation
Identify key points, good practices, and useful examples for financing both in the planning and implementation phases of adaptation.
Monitoring & Evaluation
Once adaptation measures are implemented, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is conducted to track and evaluate the effectiveness of adaptation measures. Find useful resources including the latest discussions and good practices here.