This website provides two machine translation features to accommodate users with various language backgrounds. Please note that the quality of machine translation may vary and the translated text may not always be accurate.

Translation features on this website

Google Translate

Google Translate, which supports more than 100 languages, can be used on the entire website with the exception of two pages listed below.

Separate translation system for two pages which are not supported by Google Translate

“ClimoKit” and “Global News on Adaptation” have a separate machine-translation feature available for 10 Asian languages (Bengali, Burmese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Malay, Nepali, Russian, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese).

Please make sure that Google Translate is off when viewing “ClimoKit” and “Global News on Adaptation”.
(These two are dynamic web pages and cannot be displayed correctly when Google Translate, which is intended for static pages, is on.)