Fiji Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Management Project: FP08

Project Outline

This project seeks to improve access to safe water and sewerage services by building infrastructure to increase water production by 20% and wastewater treatment (WWT) by 200% in the greater Suva area (GSA), and by supporting the government to develop and implement policy and regulatory reforms in the water and sewerage sectors.

Country(ies) Republic of Fiji
National Designated Authority (NDA) Acting Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Accredited Entity (AE) Asian Development Bank: ADB (International)
Executing Entity (EE) Ministry of Finance (Public)
Date of Final FP Submission July 31, 2015
Estimated Project Duration 2017-2022
Target Sector Water Management
GCF Financing 31.04 million USD (Grant) Medium
  • ADB: 67.70 million USD (Loan)
  • EIB: 38.00 million USD (Loan)
  • Government contribution: 85.26 million USD (Grant)

Project Description

< Major Project Components>

  1. Increasing access to a reliable and safe water supply in the Greater Suva Area (GSA).
  2. Increasing capacity of sewer coverage and reliability of waste water treatment processes in the GSA.
  3. Improvement of management and sustainable delivery of water and sewerage services.
Project Organizational Structure
Project Organizational Structure
Ref: FP08 Fiji Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Management Project

Potential Indicators of Key Impacts

Expected total number of direct and indirect beneficiaries, disaggregated by gender (reduced vulnerability or increased resilience):

  1. Direct and indirect beneficiaries: 290,854 persons (50% of total beneficiaries will be female)
  2. 32% of the total population