GCF-EBRD Saïss Water Conservation Project: FP043

Project Outline

This project seeks to improve the climate resilience of agricultural systems in the Saïss Plain by halting the rapidly progressing depletion of the Saïss aquifer. The project will finance a bulk water transfer scheme from the M'dez dam to the Saïss Plain in Northern Morocco and will help prepare a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with regard to the implementation of new irrigation networks. This critical infrastructure will facilitate transfer of water from a river basin with a surplus of water to the Sebou-Saïss basin that has a shortfall of water resources, thus will support conservation of the endangered aquifer and water resources of the Sebou-Saïss basin.

Country(ies) Morocco
National Designated Authority (NDA) Ministry of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment
Accredited Entity (AE) European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: EBRD (International)
Executing Entity (EE) Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries: MAMF (Public)
Date of Final FP Submission September 19, 2016
Estimated Project Duration 2017-2021
Target Sector Water Resource Management
GCF Financing 31.97 million EUR (Grant) Medium
  • EBRD: 120 million EUR (Senior Loan)
  • EBRD Donor Funds:0.88 million EUR (Grant)
  • Kingdom of Morocco: 53.82 million EUR (Grant)

Project Description

< Major Project Components>

  1. Construction of transfer and distribution water pipeline sections in the Saïss Plain.
  2. Promoting effective community involvement in water governance.
  3. Scaling up private sector involvement in the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of water infrastructure and resources.
Implementation structure
Implementation structure
Ref: FP043 GCF-EBRD Saïss Water Conservation Project

Potential Indicators of Key Impacts

Expected total number of direct and indirect beneficiaries, disaggregated by gender (reduced vulnerability or increased resilience):

  1. Direct beneficiaries: 350,000 persons (50% of total beneficiaries will be female)
  2. Indirect beneficiaries: 1,800,000 persons
    19.5% of the population of the Saïss plain
  3. Other relevant indicator: The project will support 2,849 commercial and subsistence farmers in the Saïss Plain (40% of the total number of farms in the Saïss Plain with existing private irrigation and 12% of all farms in the Saïss Plain).