Learn from success stories of integrating NbS into current policy process and financing

Understanding NbS

Lesson 1 broadly introduces the concept of NbS as an umbrella term, and describes how they address seven societal issues. This section also explains the four types of solutions that can contribute to saving lives, improving livelihood, socioeconomic development, and enhancing use of traditional knowledge.

Incorporating NbS into local policy and
financing processes

Lesson 2 describes how NbS can be integrated into local government policy cycles, including planning and financing, implementation and evaluation. You can learn not only formal steps to integrate nature into policies, but also tips that could be useful through specific examples.

Practical Examples of NbS at the local scale

Lesson 3 illustrates some practical examples of NbS that can inspire and promote practices that are in alignment with local ecosystems and history. There are so many ways to come with solutions using nature. In some cases, the combination of nature and engineered solutions can be the best option. You can enhance your decision-making by virtually exploring various cases.