Global Observation Information

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Japan Meteorological agency ClimateView a tool for viewing monthly climate data The ClimatView tool enables viewing and downloading of monthly world climate data, including monthly temperature/precipitation statistics and 30-year climate normals. Data are available for the period since June 1982. ClimateView a tool for viewing monthly climate data
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JASMES JASMES provides users with not only satellite datasets but also information on the current status of the climate variables such as solar radiation reaching the earth's surface (photosynthetically available radiation), cloudiness, snow and sea ice cover, dryness of vegetation (water stress trend), soil moisture, wild fire, precipitation, land and sea surface temperature. JASMES
JAXA GLOBAL RAINFALL WATCH JAXA GLOBAL RAINFALL WATCH uses multiple satellites (GPM - Core GMI, TRMM TMI, GCOM - W AMSR 2, DMSP Series SSMIS, NOAA Series AMSU, MetOp Series AMSU, Stationary Meteorological Satellite IR etc), visualizes the world's rain distribution every hour, and provides data. JAXA GLOBAL RAINFALL WATCH
Tropical Cyclones JAXA/EORC Real-Time Monitoring Tropical Cyclones provides the latest typhoon (tropical cyclones such as typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones etc.) images using near real time data (data processed within 3 hours after being sent from the satellite to the ground) . JAXA/EORC